Dear Southern California Vistage Chair,

Unlock an enriching experience in your Vistage speaker lineup with a unique and transformative workshop, 'Unleash the Hidden Power of Your Business Operating System' — a win-win solution that fortifies your members' companies at their core.

In my experience as a former Vistage member, former Professional EOS Implementer, and current executive coach, with Top Teams; I've seen first hand that optimizing a company's Business Operating System (BOS) can be a game changer. Today, I work with just five in-person executive teams at a time, at a rate of $7K per session day. Our work together is worth every penny, but the simple fact is, most companies don't take the leap to hire a coach or Implementer like myself.

Whether they've heard of a BOS or not, every company operates on a system — often unseen or unacknowledged, and that's a problem. Many believe that the keys to leveraging their BOS lie solely with EOS Implementers (and other system-based options like ScalingUp and eMyth), making them reliant on outside assistance. My aim is to shift this perspective and empower your members to take charge of their own BOS.

My talk, 'Unleash the Hidden Power of Your Business Operating System', equips your members with the knowledge and tools to analyze, control, and enhance their BOS. Instead of relying on a coach or implementer, I'll share how they can start today on strengthening their own BOS. We'll also take a quick assessment, where they identify the current strength of their existing BOS.

Additionally, I delve into two often overlooked, but crucial components of an effective BOS - the Company Way and the Customer Journey. Insights from my entrepreneurial experiences and client work bring these elements into the spotlight, offering a unique perspective to enhance any Business OS. I personally built both tools and have used them to transform companies for years.

Inviting me as a speaker comes with notable benefits:

  • ​Increased Membership Retention: Enrich the Vistage experience for your members, driving business growth and member satisfaction — ultimately, promoting retention in your group.
  • ​​Affiliate Income: Earn revenue for members who join ScaleOS, my self-coaching and OS building community. I'll leave you w/ an optional free month for your members to try it out.
  • ​​Strengthen Member Value: By introducing this talk, you're fostering business success and longevity — a testament to your role as a Chair and the value of Vistage membership.

If my workshop resonates with you, let's explore how we can bring it to your group.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to potentially collaborating with you.


Zack Swire

Years ago, I sat through boring workshops in Vistage meetings. I also sat through workshops that dramatically changed my life and business. I promise to do my very best to be the latter. I will share as much value as I can within our time together and I will challenge your groups existing thinking on where they stand today and what steps they can start right away. That's my promise.